2016: New Mindset, Travel Plans

Well hello there!I took a nice little break from this blog over the New Year and I feel like a lot has changed in my state of mind since I last logged in here. I’ve been really focusing on being a more positive person and not letting self-doubt hold me back. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life, but have only recently discovered how much I’ve let it consume me. It takes a ton of effort some days to avoid it, but other days I feel light and free and it makes me crave every day to be like that.

How does this apply to travel? I’ve found that sometimes I want to travel as an escape from reality. Everyone needs that so often, but it’s not good to do it to the point where you can’t be happy at home. I was almost to that point and that scares me! Lately I’m finding all kinds of things I’m excited for right here at home – marking my calendar to make sure no travel plans get in the way! That’s a new one for me! :)

All that said, we do have some travel plans in the works this year, of course!

  • I’m headed to DC in a few weeks for a mom and daughter trip! We’re going to see my friend perform at the Kennedy Center, which is super exciting. We’re hoping to catch the cherry blossoms bloomed for some bucket list photo ops!
  • Trae and I would like to do another National Parks road trip over the National Park Service anniversary again (last year we did a big Southwest tour). This will be the 100th Anniversary of the NPS so I’m sure it will be hella crowded, but it’s all about the experience! We’ve been mostly talking about doing Yellowstone, which would also get us close to Grand Teton Nat’l Park and Shoshone Nat’l Forest.
  • I just found out the other day that the playhouse where my mom performs in the pit orchestra is doing Mamma Mia this fall so a trip to Tennessee may definitely have to happen!!
  • Lastly, I’m thinking about a winter Iceland trip for Trae and me! We do really well together on nature-centered adventures and Iceland would be an amazingly different experience – and getting to see the Northern Lights! So maybe at the end of this year or beginning of 2017?! It would be exciting!

Do you have any travel plans this year? I have a couple different friends going to Hawaii, a couple of friends going to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, my sister, mom, and step-dad are going to England (so bummed I can’t make that trip!!). Seems like a year for big adventures!

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