Family Dinner in the Bronx

One of my favorite things about going to New York City is that we have family to visit with! I really think that is the big reason I’ve always loved the city so much. The comfort of family can make the giant city feel like home.

My Uncle David moved from Manhattan to the Bronx awhile back. I had never been that far north until last year when Nan, Trae, and I came up to visit last May! There are some ridiculously amazing homes along the Hudson and the whole vibe is much slower paced, which Trae really loved.

David hosted us (my cousin Sarah, myself, my cousin Nan, my aunt Bärli, and my sister Katy) for dinner one night when Katy and I were visiting last month. Upon arrival we were greeted with delicious cocktails, crackers, and cheese!

For our meal we did a mashup of Bärli’s chicken enchilada’s and local Chinese takeout. Katy had never had cold noodles – a Chinese dish invented in New York City in the 70s. You may think Mexican and Chinese dishes don’t mix, but it totally worked as a two course meal. So fun!It feels so special to have family together since we don’t all live nearby. I am reminded of this when I’m chatting with others about their holiday plans and how they’ll pop over to this aunt’s house and then that aunt’s house and then end the day at their grandmother’s. For us it’s always a one day event at someone’s house because it will involve travel for most parties. At first it bums me out that we can’t see more family at the holidays, but then I think about how lucky we are to have family spread out across the country and that we get to experience unique and special things with them because of that.

Onto dessert…Nan made a scrumptious berry crumble to be paired with your drink of choice. I opted for another one of David’s cocktails. Sarah was extremely excited about this part of the meal!We all gathered on the couch and watched clips from our favorite musicals and ballets through Google Chrome set up on David’s TV. We could each pull up YouTube on our phones, search clips we wanted to share, and then send it to the TV to play. We watched a lot of West Side Story and Romeo & Juliet. Pretty much my idea of a perfect evening!Also, I love this apartment. David and Jane worked with a decorator to help with furniture choices and placement. The whole place flows so comfortably and I love the touch of the bright blue wall.

How do you spend your holidays? At home with family? Traveling? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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P.S. The next morning we went to Underwest Donuts located inside a car wash! It was crazy good. 47th & the West Side Highway. Add that to your NYC list!