Rockefeller Christmas Tree Arrival!

This 78-foot spruce may not look as magical as it will on December 2nd, but it was pretty neat to be at Rockefeller Center the day the chosen Christmas tree arrived! As if there wasn’t enough buzz happening at 30 Rock that day, we happened upon a crowd, a limo, and a camera crew outside the 49th Street entrance. We asked people on the street if they knew what was going on and no one had an answer. We decided to wait 10 minutes in case someone really cool was about to walk out. It’s funny how these situations can suck you in! But our short wait paid off and we got a celebrity sighting!Hoda Kotb! Dressed as a limo driver.

It was a very calm scenario and she stopped to wave at the people on the street. You can see what they were filming here (it’s really sweet).

I think what I’ve learned in my visits to Rockefeller Center is that this is a great place to run into a famous face. If you’re into that sort of adventure while visiting NYC, just wander around the building a few times and you’re bound to spot someone!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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