Chelsea Market + The High Line

Three weeks ago was the first time I had ever been to the Chelsea Market in New York City! My sister and I had been running around the city all day, making our way down to fill our bellies with local food. By the time we got there my feet were k-i-l-l-i-n-g me, so we kind of quickly passed everything looking for a place to sit down. It was the kind of exhaustion where you’re hungry but you can’t even think about what you want until you have a minute to rest! We found a little table by a gelato place (convenient) and rested for a bit. Eventually I got up and got us some pot pies (chicken for me, veggie for Katy).

Because we were so exhausted I didn’t bother to take time for photos, other than the one of the twinkle lights. How cute is that?! We did go into some shops (Artists & Fleas was on our planning Pinterest board. OMG I wanted all the jewelry!) but once I looked at my watch I realized we were about 10 minutes from running out of daylight for walking The High Line (#photographerproblems). We headed up immediately and watched the city start to glow.  The High Line is an old railroad track that has been converted into a public park! We had to stop about every 50 feet to take pictures – whether it was a cool building, a dreamy apartment, or a cool view of the city.

This was Katy’s third time to walk The High Line, so she was busy looking at the surrounding buildings while I was focused on the design of the walkway. It was nice because we both noticed different things and were constantly saying to each other “Oh! Look at this!”. Oh hey there, Empire State building! :)

I think next time we’ll start at The High Line entrance at 30th Street and work our way down, stopping at the market for a snack, and then end at Gansevoort Street, where we can get off and go to the Whitney Museum! Also, we should not do some much walking prior :)

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