Beavers Bend Fall Weekend Getaway

Fall is my favorite season of the year! It gives me fresh energy to get out and enjoy the outdoors (because it’s finally cool enough in OK!). Last year we went to Beavers Bend with a group of friends for a fall weekend getaway and we liked it so much that we did it again this year!

We rented a different cabin than last year. This one was from the same rental company, but bigger since we had a few more people. It had an open kitchen/dining/living and then three bedrooms off the main area (one master suite, two large bedrooms with a Jack-and-Jill bathroom). Then off the front porch of the house (where we’re standing in the photo above) is a breezeway that connects to a game room/bar/extra bedroom with a half bath. There is also a large back patio fully furnished with a seating area, dining area, and a hot tub! Can’t go to Beavers Bend without a hot tub!!

We arrived on a Friday afternoon, unloaded all of our cars, and immediately started making some drinks! Trae, Kiel, and Andy made a trip to the grocery store to get bratwurst, salad, and other fixings for dinner that evening. Katie made cupcakes for dessert! Later that evening we enjoyed the hot tub briefly before it started to rain. The downside to this cabin is that the hot tub is not under the covered portion of the patio! A dance party happened later in the living room, where I “whipped and nae nae’d” for the first time (apparently I do pick up choreography while photographing weddings…).

We expected rain on Saturday, but since it all came Friday night so we were excited to keep our original plans of hiking! We picked a route that started at the Forest Heritage Center and Museum. The trail took us along the river and then up to a lookout point, though we never encountered a lookout. We hiked for about 2.25 miles, I believe. After a night of indulging in adult beverages, I think that’s pretty good :)

For lunch we went to the local pizza place, Grateful Head, where we could dine and watch the OU game.  I took an hour long nap after we got back and it was amazing. The mattress and sheets on our bed were the most comfortable things we’ve slept on! We stripped the bed the next morning just so we could see what brands everything was. Does this mean we’re adults now?

I forgot to mention that Saturday night was Halloween! Before we put on costumes we had a steak dinner and pecan pie for dessert! It was super delicious.

I think Shea and Andy outshined the rest of our Halloween costumes, but Morgan’s costume as Chris Pratt’s character from Jurassic World was pretty awesome. We had a mini photoshoot behind the house to replicate this photo of him. See the final result on her Instagram here.

Kiel as a mixture of everyone’s spare costume items, me as a member of the Bluth family, Jonathan as a snowman, Morgan as Chris Pratt’s character from Jurassic World, Trae as Batman (or Hugh Batman), Katie as Jennifer Connelly’s character from the Labyrinth, Andy as Teen Wolf, Shea as Frida Kahlo, and Tiffany as a beer bottle!

Trae was on a kick that weekend with speaking in an Australian/New Zealand accent – Kiwi, to be specific. It was hilarious so he decided he was like Hugh Jackman, but dressed as Batman, thus he was Hugh Batman. He was vlogging this entire weekend so I hope we can get a video up soon. He was cracking me up!!

The rest of the evening was spent hot tubbing and then eventually ’round the campfire that Jonathan started. Shea was genius to remember stuff for s’mores! She was also genius to bring a collection of glow sticks, which she adorned me with as pieces of fine jewelry :) 

Sunday morning we all kind of did our own thing in terms of exploring more of the park before heading home. We went over the the dam and enjoyed what felt like a very Pacific Northwest morning!

Three days after we got home from this trip I flew to New York City with my sister, so stay tuned for some ridiculously beautiful photos of Central Park in its autumn prime!!!

Thanks to Kiel for the photo above of Trae and me, and to Jonathan for the photo of the gals.

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