Instagram Hotspots at the LACMA

lacma_urbanlight_thecarsonstravel_06Fun fact about me: I love symmetry and my favorite color is white. The first time I saw a photo of the Urban Light art installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art I had a freak out about photographing it one day!


Urban Light was installed in 2008 by artist Chris Burden. All of the street lamps are restored from the 1920s and 30s. It’s become quite the “Instagram Destination” and a popular place for portraits and style bloggers. You might remember it from this scene in the Ashton Kutcher & Natalie Portman film No Strings Attached.


I wanted to see the lamps in both daylight and at night, but unfortunately we didn’t make it back in the evening because we were too tired from exploring all day, ha! But since we weren’t there at an ideal light time we had plenty of moments to capture clean photos without people in them.


Though, this goofy face kept popping up! :)

lacma_urbanlight_thecarsonstravel_14 lacma_urbanlight_thecarsonstravel_08Attitude ;)



The only other thing I wish I would have done was get a better perspective shot of the lights by going across the street or stepping further back to see the collection as a whole. Next time!

Another cool installation outside the LACMA is a contemporary art piece called Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer.

lacma_urbanlight_thecarsonstravel_12The suspended boulder weighs 340-tons and is 21.5 feet high! It was a big ordeal getting the boulder to the LACMA campus in 2012, which is documented in a film that I did not know about until reading about the installation online for this blog post!

Because we had basically one day to see LA we didn’t actually go inside the museum, so I hope the next time we’re out there we’ll have time to do so. But clearly the grounds have lots of cool things to see, so I think it’s well worth the stop even if you don’t have time to go inside! And it will make your Instagram feed really popular for a day, haha. My second most liked photo ever is of Urban Light.

See what else we were up to in LA:

The Sun and Stars Over Hollywood

Under the Sorting Hat! Harry Potter and Batman museums at Warner Bros. Studio

Warner Bros. Sound Stages & Sitting in Central Perk!

Inside the Warner Bros. Backlot!

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