A Calm Morning in Coronado

On Saturday morning of our three-ish day trip to San Diego we decided to get an early start. Trae got up at sunrise to go for a run along the beach. I didn’t get up quite that early, but he did see some amazing views that I wish I had experienced with him.

coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_42 coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_43There was a complimentary shuttle from our hotel that would take guests to the main hub of Coronado. We took the shuttle at 9am to jump start our sightseeing. The first thing I wanted to see was the historic Hotel Del Coronado!

coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_04“The Del” was built in 1888 and has housed many celebrities and U.S. Presidents. I associate the hotel with Marilyn Monroe’s film Some Like It Hot.


When we arrived, we went through the main entrance to get the full experience. We walked straight through the hotel to the beach side. The inside of the hotel is super dark. Lots and lots of dark wood. It was kind of creepy, actually! Here’s an aerial view of the area for perspective purposes:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.32.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.33.37 PM

I am kind of obsessed with how this hotel looks in the background of beach pictures. It’s just so grand!

coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_31coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_37At first I was so wrapped up in photographing the hotel that I forgot we were next to the ocean for the first time in probably four years! As we expected, the water was c-o-l-d!

coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_21 coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_19coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_29 There are gold flecks in the sand!coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_28coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_13coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_14

We noticed that the lifeguard hut (what exactly are those things called?) near us was numbered “3C.” If you guys didn’t know, Trae is actually named John, but because he’s the third John in his family he goes by Trae. And obviously our last name is Carson, so the 3C seemed fitting for a photo op.


I ended up using the hut as a steady place to put my camera for a timer photo of Trae and me together!



After our beach adventures we walked back to Orange Ave to browse all the cute shops. The lack of crowds surprised us at first, but then we looked at our phones and realized it was only 10:15am. Right about then we saw a gelato shop and decided it was never too early for gelato!



We popped in to a few clothing shops, gift shops, and a cigar shop at our leisure, but I mostly enjoyed the pretty foliage and Spanish architecture styles we don’t see much of at home.IMG_0159

coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_40 coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_01 coronado_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_33Our afternoon was a bit more lively – we took an uber to North Park for coffee and beer. Of course! :) Sharing that next!

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