Good Times at Modern Times

web_moderntimes_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_09Our first night in San Diego this past March we took an Uber from our hotel in Coronado over to the Modern Times brewery location in Point Loma.


Obviously Trae is drawn to breweries that make good beer, but I’m drawn to good branding and design (my theory is that if the design is good, the beer is good). When we find a brewery where my first reaction is “Ohhh look at that logo/can design/packaging!” and Trae’s first sip reaction is “That’s solid” then that brewery gets put into our growing category of experiences we call Awesome.

Modern Times is a great example of a brewery with great beer and great design.


Not only is the logo and packaging nicely done, the tasting room is eclectic and and fun. While I was enjoying the eye candy, Trae got to business ordering us stouts to taste.


We started with the Monsters’ Park series of stouts: Bourbon Barrel-Aged, Coffee, and Coconut & Cocoa Nibs. I liked the classic Bourbon Barrel-Aged the best, but Trae really liked the Coconut & Cocoa Nibs. I friggin’ love coconut, but for some reason I couldn’t get into the flavor of that one.

web_moderntimes_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_07We sat at a white marble (yum.) bar height table right by the open bay door, which was enjoyable with the cool evening temps. I will probably talk about the weather in every single post from our Cali trip. It’s just so much better than Oklahoma.

Over the couple of hours we were at the tasting room we also tried Booming Rollers, Lomaland, Fortunate Islands, Blazing World, City of the Dead, and Protocosmos. Our stand-out fave from this bunch was Booming Rollers.

We ended up chatting to a couple different groups of people at the other end of our table. One guy was from Oklahoma and was going to be visiting soon. We got to talking about the Oklahoma craft breweries, Trae handed him a 405 card and said to come visit when he’s in town.

Later we asked a couple of guys for a nearby food recommendation. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean our Uber driver) had been saying we needed to try the street tacos, so the next best thing was a taco place right around the corner from Modern Times. We were so hungry so it worked out perfectly. We ended up getting burritos over tacos, but we had no regrets.

web_moderntimes_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_03Our burritos had french fries in them. What?!

We then walked back to Modern Times because Trae wanted to buy some cans to bring home. He bought a 20 pack (as seen the very first photo), which we stored in our mini fridge at the hotel to drink sporadically during our trip.


A Lomaland with breakfast.


An afternoon Booming Rollers on our hotel room patio overlooking the bay.


Packing up the leftovers to take to LA.web_moderntimes_sandiego_thecarsonstravel_08If you’re in San Diego we totally recommend checking out Modern Times. They have two tasting room locations – this one at Point Loma and one in North Park. There’s lots of stuff to do in North Park, so if you are short on time and want to do multiple things in one area, that would be a good place to go!


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